The demand for predictive analytics technology has increased dramatically in the last several years in industries such as financial services, healthcare, and the Government. In today's global business environment, staying ahead of the competition is a pre-requisite for long-term growth and in a tough economy — survival. The latest trend in business intelligence is to leverage corporate data assets from customers, competitors, partners, suppliers, and supply chains. Moreover, in the Government market, the need for advanced predictive analytics to analyze data in multiple remote locations has significantly increased due to heightened worldwide security concerns and the proliferation of databases across the intelligence community and federal agencies.

Capitalizing on the information embedded in the data a company owns about its customers, partners, and suppliers is critical for sustainable growth in information rich business environments. However, building an infrastructure which can take advantage of the majority of a company's distributed assets in detecting opportunities and risks is time consuming and a costly proposition. The global enterprise needs to have the flexibility to make decisions in real-time while being able to access the data from multiple enterprise systems to deal with complex and fluctuating patterns.

InferX technology provides its financial services, healthcare, and government clients with a unique IT platform to deal with enterprise wide databases with both structured and unstructured data while managing new business opportunities and risks without the need for to integrate the data. The information may reside in different systems and even in different locations of the global enterprise. This offers an unprecedented opportunity to an enterprise to achieve high and immediate return on investment.

Every modern enterprise has streams of consumer data flowing to it 24/7, but few of them are able to mine these streams simultaneously as events take place, which would allow them to make relevant offers to their new and existing customers at the moment they interact with them, regardless of the medium: text, phone, email, web, or storefront.

For example, in the marketing arena, InferX’s solutions can drive real-time marketing (RTM) solutions, enabling an enterprise to:

  • Perform customer attrition management
  • Leverage targeted online recommendations
  • Rate all customers’ lifetime values from cradle to grave
  • Perform up-selling and cross-selling of multiple products
  • Leverage all daily transactions into predictive profit models
  • Create global models from all data sources in an enterprise
  • Perform micro-level segmentation from an enterprise-wide customer base

And do all of this in real time