Providing Advanced Analytics and Data-Mining Solutions for US Navy Critical Business Processes

STERLING, Va., Sept 07, 2011 — InferX Corporation (OTCQB: NFRX), announced today that it has been awarded contracts from the US Navy for $1,000,000 to provide advanced analytics and data-mining support services for enhancing critical US Navy business processes and managing budget planning systems.

"The processes and technology provided by InferX through the application of Advanced Analytics technology has significantly enhanced our ability to make comparisons, analyze mission requirements and evaluate key organizational measurement variables in support of the war fighter. At a time of tight budget constraints, InferX provides us a framework that links people, information, and decision-making processes enabling leadership to get a complete view of the operations. This enhanced ability for information collection, fusion, storage, analysis and dissemination provides Navy leadership with the ability to conduct across-the-board analysis keeping pace with increased mission tempo and enhancing operational readiness," said the Navy client.

These projects provide US Navy managers crucial insights gained through comprehensive analytical capabilities and identify additional cost savings using new data analytics methodologies. InferX advanced analytics solutions delivered to US Navy and other Department of Defense agencies, provides them the ability to rapidly conduct operational analysis within a framework of multiple data sources; all done without having to bring all the data together in one location. InferX's solutions process the rapidly changing information into actionable knowledge and present the Navy with better management decisions for operational planning and execution.

Vijay Suri, CEO, President & Founder of InferX Corp, said, "This new business continues to solidify our market leadership in the federal advanced analytics and data mining marketplace; thus continuing our focus of improving enterprise-level operational and planning processes, through the use of advanced analytics. The InferX Team is proud of our collaboration efforts with the US Navy in mission support, while meeting DOD objectives for fiscal alignment without war fighting mission impact."

About InferX Corporation

InferX is the market leader in next generation distributed Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence Products and Solutions. InferX has pioneered and commercialized a powerful, patented suite of advanced data analytical solutions that improve corporate performance across the enterprise in the healthcare, financial services, and government markets. InferX is uniquely capable of delivering secure, real-time, and privacy preserving intelligence and decision support — all without the need to move data. InferX is headquartered in Sterling, VA.

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