InferX offers a wide range of next generation predictive analytics and business intelligence solutions that are designed to help a wide range of enterprise and government entities improve their business performance and service to their customer. Employing proprietary "knowledge agents" to remotely analyze large scale data sources, InferX products seamlessly analyze both structured and unstructured data sources plus have many features that offer users a tremendous return on investment.

InferX software solutions use 'collective inferencing' where seemingly meaningless data becomes important by identifying unusual or suspicious events, conditions and sequences that may occur in the movement of people, products, services or information. With InferX solutions, there is no need to move data; instead only knowledge moves in the form of encryption pointers ensuring security and privacy. The products access, analyze and perform predictive analyses in real-time on multiple, distributed, and disparate databases and on reports, e-mails and other text-based documents.

In addition to powerful threat and risk assessment capabilities, InferX solutions provide a number of valuable ancillary benefits such as the delivery of meaningful real-time business intelligence that can be leveraged to optimize opportunities, mitigate economic risks and promote operational excellence across the enterprise.

InferX products are revolutionizing the next generation business intelligence and predictive analytics marketplace for several reasons:

Increased Benefits

Real-time analysis and results improve decision support and access to additional data sources beyond those in a data warehouse and provides better input and more context for analysis. Benefits will typically include increased revenues, lower costs and improved strategic position.

Reduced Costs

Next generation business intelligent solutions employing InferX distributed predictive analytics system eliminates the need for a data warehouse which typically accounts for 50 to 75 percent of implementation costs, adds 12 to 18 months implementation time, and many additional on-going support and maintenance expenses.

InferX products offer the following advantages:

  • Empowers data owners with total control
  • Provides near real-time analysis and predictions
  • Keeps the data concealed by encrypting the results
  • Eliminates the need for creating data warehouses
  • Works with multiple databases in different formats
  • Predicts future risks and opportunities over networks
  • Accesses and mines structured and unstructured data remotely
  • Increases speed over conventional methods by employing parallel analysis

Deployment of InferX technology is typically accomplished in two stages: first, the software is "trained" or signatures are developed from the analysis of the data in the multiple databases which encompass the knowledge network. The second phase involves using the signatures developed from the first phase, dynamically across the network of databases, continuously monitoring applications that include risk scoring, cross-marketing, fraud and intrusion detection and business intelligence.