InferX technology can be used to assist security agencies in:
  • Assessing risks of transportation infrastructures
  • Screening domestic and foreign travelers
  • Analyzing transportation incident data
  • Screening air freight cargo
InferX products can be used to calibrate risk of our nation's transportation assets by accessing and analyzing exiting data sources without moving the data, and ensuring privacy and security.

They can be used to isolate and identify transportation incidents providing air marshals and homeland security investigators with the ability to view and identify patterns of potential air-related incidents before they happen. InferX products can be used to screen air cargo. Multiple data sources can be analyzed for developing conditions and events that trigger the inspection of cargo before it is loaded.

InferX products can be used to screen domestic air passengers by accessing and mining multiple commercial carrier and government data sources. It can be used to develop probabilistic models for targeting conditions that elevate risk and potential danger.