The InferX partnering philosophy is founded on the belief that alliances should create business value through an exchange of assets. InferX partners help create rich solutions for broader markets, and bring even greater value to customers through joint solutions that address critical business needs. Our alliance approach is designed to accommodate variable levels of partnerships while providing a structured approach to achieving alliance goals. Our alliances are supported by the full complement of InferX expertise and assets across the company. InferX partners with select companies and vendors who share our vision of an extending value to the customer.

InferX and our partners work closely to ensure the success of our customers based on their needs in predictive analytics solutions. We make significant commitments to each other, including investments in joint solutions, training, and marketing programs. Through our joint efforts, customers are able to minimize risk and maximize return on their investment.

Becoming an InferX partner is a great way to provide additional solutions to your customers. Our technology is state-of-the-art and provides tremendous business value to financial services firms, healthcare organizations, and government entities.


Partnering with InferX can provide your company a competitive edge. Members of our partner network gain access to exclusive benefits, tools and resources.

InferX Partners include Strategic Alliance Partners, Technology Partners, Systems Integration and Solution Providers, all who share a commitment to providing mission-critical value to their respective clients by leveraging InferX leading-edge technology solutions.