Company Shows How Next-Generation Predictive Analytics Products and Solutions Help Address Critical National Security Issues Related to IEDs

STERLING, Va., Sept. 2/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — InferX Corporation (Pink Sheets: NFRX), announced today that it has been awarded a contract to analyze improvised explosive device (IED) data using InferX predictive analytics software. This initial contract is to analyze the IED data represented in a semi-relational form and other types of reports, often with a high percentage of free text. .

"Through the application of InferX's Predictive Analytics technology, we have the ability to conduct analysis without limits on the size of the database or whether the data is structured or unstructured, thus giving us the ability to conduct enhanced research that we have not been able to do in the past," said the Department of Defense (DOD) client.

The main focus of the project is to provide additional insights gained by analyzing political, military, economic, social, informational, and infrastructural (PMESII) information from multiple sources linked to raw IED data. This analysis can potentially lead to the discovery of new preventive measures that could be used to develop new processes, procedures, and training enhancements (i.e., answering a question on what might plausibly happen again, under what circumstances, and what causal relationships could be identified to prevent a recurrence). InferX technology provides the ability to rapidly conduct predictive data analysis within a framework of disparate data sources without bringing all the data into one central data warehouse.

Vijay Suri, President & CEO of InferX Corp, said "We are honored to be engaged in this mission critical project supporting IED analyses for our client in the DOD and coming up with a possible solution to address one of the key challenges to the operational safety of our servicemen and women."

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InferX is the market leader in next generation distributed Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence Products and Solutions. InferX has pioneered and commercialized a powerful, patented suite of advanced data analytical solutions that improve corporate performance across the enterprise in the healthcare, financial services, and government markets. InferX is uniquely capable of delivering secure, real-time, and privacy preserving intelligence and decision support — all without the need to move data. InferX is headquartered in Sterling, VA.

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