Modern police departments have begun to network their various databases enabling for horizontal searches to take place for the association of names, perpetrators, gangs, addresses, weapons, vehicles and other personal identification parameters. What most law enforcement departments have not been able to do is conduct horizontal searches for crimes and criminal patterns.

InferAgent can be used to search for such patterns to anticipate and predict crimes across multiple law enforcement databases. Originally developed for the military, InferAgent can assist law enforcement agencies in predicting when and where crimes are likely to take place. The software can also be used to identify what paroles are likely to commit crimes.

InferCluster can be used to "map" unsolved crimes against modus operandi of criminals in order to associate them by looking at such parameters as time of day, day of the week, locations, type of weapons, vehicles, etc. Using InferView, the criminal data vectors found by InferCluster can be viewed in three dimensional spaces enabling the grouping of crimes and criminals.

Through the use of the InferX suite of tools , law enforcement agencies and departments can analyze their criminal databases securely — without moving it — in order to solve open cases and to predict crimes before they happen.