InferX solutions can be used in an enterprise for real-time business intelligence. Our flagship InferAgent product can be 'trained' to detect events as they occur in real-time over your website, mainframe, data warehouse or any other data source. InferAgent can be deployed to monitor risk and opportunities, alerting you when certain conditions occur over multiple databases.

InferAgent can analyze multiple data sources including sales, website, manufacturing, call center, wireless and financials and can be configured for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities through your company's website and other sales venues for developing and expanding new streams of revenue.

InferText supports the capability of extracting key concepts from your e-mails and documents, enabling you to organize important information directly from unstructured text content. InferText can also be combined with InferAgent to parse important business rules allowing your enterprise to leverage the knowledge hidden in documents as well as your databases. Completing our InferX D2A Platform is InferCluster which supports the analysis of anomalies and outliers. This module enables your enterprise to have a complete set of advanced analytical tools for customer relationship management from start to sale.