• Avoids the movement of large amounts of documents
  • Bridges the gap between traditionally isolated data and text analytics solutions
  • Addresses issues of data ownership, privacy, and security, as data stays where it is
  • Spots opportunities and risks as they occur for immediate action
  • Provides encrypted analysis at reduced cost

InferText™ brings all the technological advantages of InferAgent, plus the ability to analyze unstructured data, allowing the user to extract key concepts from documents, reports, e-mails and other texts.

At the core of the InferText product is the Concept Extractor. This subsystem extracts key concepts from unstructured data sources that are of significance to the predictive analytics task at hand. The distributed data analytics engine then finds the conceptual links between various structured and unstructured data sources residing at geographically dispersed locations. This task oriented approach to concept extraction ensures that the analytics process is not overwhelmed by the presence of an unnecessarily large number of features and addresses the issues of large dimensionality and data over fitting, often associated with text mining.

InferText is a standalone component of the InferX Distributed Data Analytics Platform (D2AP). D2AP offers a new generation of technologies for a network-centric approach to pattern discovery from dispersed data. It is the key to unlocking the information stored in multiple, disparate and remote databases to generate actionable intelligence.