• Distributed analytics over multiple, disparate and remote databases eliminates the need for costly data warehouses
  • Addresses issues of data ownership, privacy, and security, as data stays where it is
  • Spots opportunities and risks as they occur for immediate action
  • Provides encrypted analysis at reduced cost

InferAgent™ provides the user with the power to access, analyze and perform predictive analyses in real-time on multiple, distributed, disparate databases. Using InferAgent, data can be analyzed at local points of origin, removing the need to move data to a centralized data warehouse. InferAgent also works on multiple formats during the same analysis.

InferAgent involves a number of independent Modeling Agents (MA) operating within a network-based environment. Each MA operates on its own local database and is responsible for analyzing the data contained by the database. Distributed data analytics is achieved through a synchronized collaboration of MAs facilitated by a Collaboration Server (CS) environment. This process results in a set of global rules generated by the partial contribution of each MA and assembled through a CS communication mechanism. Collective decision making is similarly achieved through the collaboration of Decision Agents, operating independently on their own data.