The demand for predictive analytics technology in the healthcare industry has increased dramatically in the last several years. Predictive analytics software can help healthcare providers with cost management, predicting consumer behaviors, improving care management and setting accurate premiums. As margins become increasingly tight, the winners use predictive analytic technology to help squeeze profits much more aggressively than the competition. The survivors use InferX technology to identify profits at a granular level, within product lines and market segments. The use of this technology will help identify which product lines and market segments to target.

Some healthcare companies have used predictive analytic techniques to forecast future claim levels based on the age, gender and detailed health insurance claims history of an insured party. By utilizing this technology, they will earn superior returns due to better alignment between premiums and costs.

InferX has developed the Prospective Core Measure Tracking ™ (PCMTTM) system for healthcare enterprises. PCMT is an automated system that provides proactive tagging and tracking of patients to greatly enhance the delivery and economics of healthcare. Using InferX advanced analytics and dashboard technology, clinical patterns can be identified that will lead to prevention of medical errors and prediction of unexpected events leading to intervention

  • Reduce medical errors
  • Reduce morbidity and mortality
  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operating efficiency while increasing profits
  • Minimize risk and improve main accreditation through JCAHO
  • Increase patient satisfaction