The Government has directed that national security information be shared across networks that transcend individual government departments and agencies and called for the creation of a "trusted information network" which allows agencies to keep their own databases, but yet enables those data sources to be searchable across agency lines. It has also directed the agencies to "safeguard the privacy of individuals about whom information is shared."

InferX solutions help agency leadership meet these two requirements. InferX technologies allow homeland security departments to screen cargo and travelers while protecting proprietary shipping information and citizens' civil liberties. InferX analytical products can improve the detection of low observable threats and events where "guilt-by-association analysis", as is currently used, may not apply. This capability makes our software uniquely ideal for the intelligence community.

InferX predictive analytics solutions are used by government organizations to help them identify institutional tendencies and variances. InferX technology was built to help government agencies better serve its citizens by anticipating events better, optimizing funding and staffing, and preventing unwanted events from occurring. InferX solutions have been developed across many agencies to help leadership create programs for field management that help the agency accelerate its mission whether it is law enforcement, public health, coast security, revenue and tax collection, defense, or intelligence. Agencies can identify patterns of differential behavior and minimize or prevent improper payments that would be earmarked to improper entities.

InferX technology helps managers across all levels of government raise their effectiveness. Benefits of predictive analytics in use across the government include:

  • Detect improper payments and minimize fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Increase the prioritization and effectiveness of tax and revenue collections
  • Contractor or supplier selection and management