Every major organization has extensive ‘big data’ resources which capture, store and manage data. Websites, call centers, processing centers and array of transactional systems are just a few of the many information repositories the have vast amounts of information.

All these data points are engines of information for an organization, with each broadcasting vital information about consumers' needs, desires and intervals of consumption, which if analyzed and modeled can provide an organization with unprecedented value from their existing consumer information and behavior. And these information repositories exist for all aspects for the business- supply chain, internal business processes, external market assessments among many other areas. Understanding how to use this information to create strategies to improve financial performance and mitigate risk demands new tools capable of examining multiple sources of disparate data, often located around the globe, and creating actionable strategies and insights. And that is the role of analytics serving as a powerful tool reshaping today’s management processes at all levels.

InferX provides real time predictive analytics to improve marketing and all business processes. InferX financial analytic solutions provide financial institutions the ability to analyze structured and unstructured content from all types of data sources, from multiple departments, from different locations and different formats for an assortment of deliverables such as propensity to purchase scores, fraud detection and the prediction of consumer behavior. These powerful new capabilities enable organizations to maximize performance and mitigate risk, two critically important business objectives in today’s fiercely competitive global markets.

A New Portfolio of New Financial Analytics Management Solutions (“FAMS”)

Starting in third quarter 2013, InferX will be offering a cloud-based portfolio of powerful analytic solutions helping clients address financial and management issues to maximize performance and mitigate risk.

The new solutions build upon our long track record helping clients develop sophisticated predictive analytics solutions; our recently enhanced Release 2.0 analytics product suite; and new alliance partners offering powerful complementary analytics solutions. These drivers now enable InferX to offer our users robust, powerful analytics capabilities within our Global Analytics Cloud™ targeting financial and management issues.

We are pleased to announce our initial portfolio of Financial Analytics Management Solutions or “FAMS”.

Within the FAMS portfolio of analytic solutions, we will address the following client analytics issues:

  • Strategic Financial Management Analysis (“SFMA”)

    Studies by McKinsey and others show companies that closely track plans and budgets to strategic plans show improved performance and increased shareholder value. Capabilities of our SFMA analytic solution include the ability to track plans and budgets to strategic plans; understand with precision how changing market sectors, products, technology, risk factors impact decision making; and use advanced analytics to examine “what-ifs” and assess risk, show improved performance and increased shareholder value. (3rd Quarter 2013)

  • Global Network Performance and Risk Model (“GNPR”)

    For most global companies, IT infrastructure costs often range from 4 to as high as 20% of revenue. And for some companies, such as transaction processing firms, understanding underlying performance and risk drivers, is critical and impacts the bottom line. Our upcoming GNPR model identifies network performance drivers and risks (3rd Qtr 2013)

    Developed working with our alliance partner Ontonix, our GNPR analytics solution is planned for release by 3rd Quarter 2013, and will be offered to selected beta users starting in September 2013.

  • Enterprise Risk Analytic Model (“ERAM”)

    Understanding how risk impacts performance, and providing clients with the interactive tools needed to examine “what-ifs” are the exciting new risk assessment capabilities we expect to will be offering in third quarter 2013. The new ERAM capability will be offered coupling InferX’s proprietary predictive analytics technology with our partner Ontonix’s advanced analytics solutions. We expect to release the ERAM solution in August 2013 for initial users

  • Audit Anomaly Analytics Model (“AAAM”)

    Working with an InferX partner, we are developing a powerful new analytics system designed to rapidly review thousands of transactions to identify ‘suspect’ or possibly fraudulent transactions. The new AAAM solution will be used to assist in forensic accounting to ensure SOX and other compliances as required. We are in the initial design phase and expect product launch in late 2013.

  • Data Discovery and Compliance Analytics Model (“DDCAM”)

    We are developing a powerful analytics solution addressing a wide range of data discovery and compliance issues faced by users. Examining if pharmaceuticals are being marketed for ‘off-label’ applications; tracking product sales and distribution patterns to ensure compliance with agency guidelines; understanding activities in selected global markets to assess risk and compliance issues; are representative user applications that will be addressed. The new DDCAM solution will be offered working with an InferX partner and we expect to offer a beta version in third quarter 2013.

Our FAMS Offering Builds on InferX’s Proprietary Predictive Analytics Technology and Our Alliance Partners

We are pleased to have attracted an initial group of alliance partners who provide complementary analytics and technology capabilities. The new FAMS portfolio of services enables InferX to provide clients with fully integrated, advanced analytic solutions to help clients identify new solutions to improve performance, address critical issues, and mitigate risk.

InferX Strategic Alliance Partners – The FAMS Portfolio of Financial Analytic Offerings

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