B. K. Gogia, Chairman

Paul B. Silverman, Director

Carlyle Eckstein, Director

Carlyle Eckstein has over thirty years of experience as a venture capitalist, consultant and the owner of two software firms. As co-founder of Putney & Eckstein, Inc., his focus was mergers and acquisitions, and strategic management. As a principal with Arthur Young, a consultant at Price Waterhouse, and a systems engineer at IBM, Mr. Eckstein helped re-engineer businesses to leverage emerging information technology. His software businesses were engaged in GIS and information technology consulting.

As systems engineer, Mr. Eckstein designed the first integrated manufacturing system for IBM and deployed at AO Smith. He also designed the first Wiki and oversaw its implementation for the Federal Communications Commission. Over his career, Mr. Eckstein provided professional consulting to over 250 corporate, federal government and not-for-profit organizations.

Most recently, Mr. Eckstein’s firm helped develop the national plan to address health disparities.

As a venture capitalist, Mr. Eckstein served as Managing Director of NextGen Capital I and II venture capital funds and is now developing a new NextGen III venture capital fund (www.nextgencapital.com) . He has participated in 22 investments and replaced the CEOs of three struggling portfolio companies, steering them to successful exits.