In this era of interconnected networks — money is data moving at the speed of light — where digital fraud can cost millions or billions of dollars before detection. However, InferX technology and its 'consortium' design supports horizontal fraud detection across millions of transactions from multiple databases simultaneously in real-time. InferX provides the ability to perform multiple analyzes via horizontal searches of shadowy events, conditions and sequences and allows for vital information to be collected, cross-referenced, compared, shared and analyzed from a number of data sources for fraud detection.

Data sources which individually may not be able to detect possible criminal fraud; when aggregated via networks and analyzed by InferX software, it can lead to models for use in real-time fraud detection and risk scores.

Because of the network centric design of InferX technology, it can self-configure itself in the detection of fraud — and can be updated dynamically as model performance deteriorates over time. The updating of InferX detection models can be performed in real-time so the accuracy of new fraud schemes and thresholds is accomplished much faster. InferX software is ideally designed to detect new fraud schemes, patterns and behavior as they evolve.

InferX software can work with existing IT hardware in multiple formats in different locations, meaning enterprises can plug-and-play risk management and fraud detection solutions without additional IT investments. Data does not need to be moved or aggregated instead everything remains in place including formats, location and ownership. InferX software agents go to where the information is originally maintained to derive fraud risk scores. Fraud detection alerts are issued to risk management personnel in real time enabling quick action to stop potential losses to an enterprise or government agency.

The ensemble of InferX software components eliminates costly and disruptive interruptions to business units — it is supportive of different departments within organizations — who may be hesitant to relinquish ownership of their data. An enterprise can instead plug-and-play our InferX solution enabling rapid delivery of risk management and fraud detection solutions without expensive hardware or additional staffing resources.