This client needed a way to remotely analyze sensitive data without moving it; leaving it with the original data owners, yet returning rapid and accurate results.

Our Solution

InferAgent was used to perform networked analytics on multiple databases located in many different locations. Our client did not have to build a data warehouse; instead it used our InferAgent to analyze the data over its existing networks, at a fraction of the traditional IT costs and in real-time.

How we did it?

  • We used our client's existing IT infrastructure and legacy systems to perform our data analysis;
  • We used our software to mine the data at its original location without disruption to operations;
  • We performed our analysis without moving or disclosing any of the data ensuring security and privacy for all data owners.


Our client benefited from our analysis at drastically reduced cost since no data warehouse was required to be constructed. In addition, since no data was ever moved our encrypted findings ensured privacy and security to all data owners.