This client needed the ability to predict the failures and diagnose complex military aircraft radar components. In addition, it needed the ability to learn from historical aircraft failures and utilize those insights to streamline and optimize its supply chain and minimize millions of dollars in expensive repairs.

Our Solution

InferAgent was used for predicting future failures with a success rate of a 500% ROI. In addition, InferView was used to visualize historical aircraft maintenance data to gain insights where and why aircrafts failures were taking place.

How we did it?

  • We used our InferAgent to mine aircraft historical maintenance data for breakthrough results;
  • We used our InferView to offer our client a new and effective perspective in diagnostics;
  • Our analysis resulted in breakthrough insight and savings for our client.


Our client not only saved millions of dollars in aircraft repairs, but by using our interactive visualization InferView component, was able to understand why failures were occurring and thus enabling it to take preventive measures for anticipating aircraft failures.

"...They have been doing all of our data mining, visualization and knowledge discovery, and we are happy with them..."

"It is noteworthy that the F-35 project is implementing similar technologies to get those savings. We have used PFAD results in our F-35 work and in other applications of support technologies..."

— PFAD Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation