• This military client required the analysis of multiple sensor data for generation of optimal feature sets;
  • The client required the analysis for a classified project for target discrimination and acquisition;
  • The client required the analysis of very dense sensor data distributed around the world;
  • The client required the data analysis and precise targeting to be perform in real-time;
  • Because the sensors were located around the globe and the analysis required zero latency it was technically infeasible to aggregate the data into a centralized depository.

Our Solution

InferAgent was used to reduce the targeting of the armament from minutes to milliseconds. InferAgent eliminated the need to combine the sensor data in a centralized depository and allowed the targeting to occur in real-time with pinpoint accuracy.

How did we do it?

  • We combined pattern recognition algorithms with networked based distributed computing;
  • We created a global view and model for the targeting of the armament;
  • We performed the analysis in real-time with pinpoint accuracy;
  • We encrypted the results of the analysis as required by the client.


InferAgent accomplished the precise targeting within the time requirements. In addition, the use of InferView allowed the client to gain insight into the analysis of the sensor data in an interactive manner.

"...InferAgent and InferView are orders of magnitude better than other approaches and tools I have seen..." — Harry K. Lesser, Jr., Lockheed Martin Corporation