InferX is a leading provider of next generation Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions for the financial services, healthcare, and government enterprises. Our solutions include a wide variety of innovative and necessary solutions, such as healthcare fraud mitigation, financial services risk management and complex intelligence analysis in the government sector. Our solutions are designed with our client's business goals in mind.

InferX achieves all of this without the need to move data or create costly data warehouses. Through broad, diversified market adoption of its predictive data analytical solutions, InferX plays a critical role in promoting the safety and security of our nation's assets and its citizens, while also empowering commercial enterprises with the knowledge and material insight necessary to maximize profits. Our patented and patent-pending products simultaneously analyze data in multiple remote locations with disparate formats without the need to move the data to a central data warehouse, thereby preserving the privacy and security of the data.

Since inception, InferX has evolved from a leading technical, database research and development firm to its current position as a developer of the next generation predictive analytics technology. Predictive analytics helps organizations/businesses make better decisions by providing empirical, objective and consistent method of evaluating transactions, customers, or shippers in this context — and doing it at high volumes using disparate and geographically dispersed enterprise databases. These models are often "behavioral" because they may be used to predict future behavior of account or customer in regard to, for example, likelihood of fraudulent behavior. By enabling organizations/companies to instantly differentiate between desirable and undesirable business, predictive models allow them to control the level of risk they are willing to assume and actions to increase profitability.


InferX and its predecessor Datamat Systems Research, Inc. have been in business since 1992, originally as a professional services research and development firm, specializing in technology for distributed analysis of sensory data relating to airborne missile threats under contracts with the Missile Defense Agency ("MDA") and other Department of Defense ("DoD") contracts. InferX Delaware was formed in 1999 to commercialize Datamat's missile defense technology to build applications of real time predictive analytics. InferX and Datamat were merged together in August 2006 to deploy business solutions with technologies in advanced predictive analytics solutions, corporate performance management, dashboard deployment and systems engineering.