The shipping container is the Trojan Horse of the 21st Century. The prospect of terrorists smuggling a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon in a shipping container is real. One successful strike could cause catastrophic damage, cost countless lives and bring America's $750 billion shipping trade to its knees.

With robust and encrypted targeting technology, InferX can help identify potential risks in millions of containers in hundreds of ports around the world, while protecting confidential customer information and promoting efficiency of port operations.

InferX suite of products can also be used to zero in on outliers and anomalies for targeting suspicious containers. It can be used to screen cargo by analyzing multiple data sources in real-time for screening and targeting high-risk containers before they arrive in our ports.


  • Risks are identified in near real-time
  • No need to upload sensitive data
  • Vital customer information is protected
  • Efficiency of port operations is protected
  • Improved trade and international cooperation
  • Cleared containers are entitled to expedited "GreenLane" treatment