InferAgent can be used for developing predictive models in support of immigration investigations related to money laundering, custom fraud, export violations, drug smuggling, immigration violations and other terrorist-related crimes. InferCluster can assist Customs investigators in the analysis of immigration crimes enabling the discovery of features by modus operandi. This is at the forefront of forensic data analysis enabling the linking of crimes to criminals by visually discovering parameters in space and time.

InferAgent can be used by Homeland Security investigators to extract rules or conditions and features of terrorist-related crimes enabling the prevention of border vulnerabilities before they happen. InferText can be used to analyze unstructured content, such as cargo and commercial manifest data remotely without the need to move the data, ensuring privacy and security. InferView can be used with InferAgent and InferCluster to examine internal and external data sources to detect anomalies and patterns in terrorist-related crimes; and to develop 'profiles' of immigration violators and identify 'features' of immigration related criminal activity.