With every click visitors to your website are telling you their desires, preferences, and needs — but are you listening? Online consumers communicate their intent, motivations and opinions about your products and services every day, but are you able to leverage all your enterprises data sources along with these streaming clicks?

Today, the goal of every website owner is to know and serve every visitor, to build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Websites find themselves competing for customer loyalty; it often cost very little for consumers to switch to competitors. The web has evolved into an ultra-fast competitive marketplace where millions of online transactions are being generated every hour of everyday.

On the web, consumers browse with their finger poised on their mouse — ready to buy should they find what they are looking for — that is, should the content, incentive, promotion, offer, service, product or pricing — meet their unique personal needs. Consumers are attracted and retained based on how well websites know their needs and whims.

Web mining can provide insight into what types of messages, banners, ads, offers, incentives, products and services are placed in front of individual consumers.

However, simply analyzing clickstream data is not enough to answer such questions as:

  • How can you maximize your online sales?
  • Who will buy, what will they buy, and when?
  • What are your different groups of consumers?

InferX can assist you in answering all of these questions by analyzing your clickstream along with your other enterprise data sources such as you email servers, call site data, transactional databases, marketing and sales data, lifestyle information and other legacy systems. Your website is an ideal marketing portal for your enterprise where every click can be mined along with other data sources your company already possesses.