Understand business processes, identify key drivers, and use today’s next generation analytics to reshape business processes are the critical success factor in all organizations. Whether you are seeking to identify fraudulent transactions, insurance claims risk, or assess outcomes and treatment modalities, understanding business processes and drivers is the foundation to create analytics solutions.

Robust, powerful analytics enable organizations to achieve one or more of five objectives:

  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Improve strategic position

And that is the roadmap now being pursued by organizations worldwide developing high potential analytics-driven strategies seeking to capitalize on today’s exciting Big Data revolution.

Starting in third quarter 2013, InferX will be launching a new family of cloud-based predictive analytics solutions addressing client needs in the financial and health care sectors. Building on a ten year history in the predictive analytics sector and our proprietary analytics technology, we expect InferX’s upcoming Global Analytics Cloud™ (“GAC™”) suite of focused analytics solutions will be well received in the market. In late 2013, you can also expect to hear more about our plans to offer Health TechCare™ analytics solutions which capitalize on InferX’s health care pilot programs and offer the healh care community new analytics solutions to reshape and improve today’s healthcare processes.